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Frydenbø Eiendom and LAB Eiendom buys Skjøndals Eiendom at Damsgård

Frydenbø Marine and SES-X Marine Technologies launch a new electric leisure boat company

New management team in Frydenbø Group

Thank you for a great year of football ❤

106 years of enthusiasm – Happy birthday!

We need more mechanics!

New CEO for Frydenbø Group

Frydenbø continues the cooperation with IK Start!

Berge & Co - the car adventure in Sogn og Fjordane

Frydenbø Industri restarts operations in Havøysund - with local ownership!

Establishing Norway's largest chain for damage and paint repairs

Frydenbø expands its cooperation with Sogndal!

From "sjauer" to slip chairman

Gjensidige becomes co-owner of Mycar Group

Frydenbø buys Berge & Co and becomes a dealer of Volkswagen, Volkswagen commercial vehicles, Audi and Škoda

SCHOTTEL acquires the majority stake in elkon: Marine propulsion and electric system integration expertise combined

After almost 30 years of formidable growth at Minde, Frydenbø is moving Bilsenter to Kokstad in 2023

Frydenbø signs the FUTURE-PROOF poster

Historic agreement between Frydenbø + AAFK & AAFK Fortuna

No days look the same!

As apprentices, we get to try everything!

Frydenbø buys the boat factory Mirage Boats

Frydenbø extends cooperation with the Norwegian Ski Federation (Alpine) and earmarks funds for Para

Byfjellslauget and Bergens Forest and Tree-planting Company

A happy customer is a good customer

The Experience Centre at Tårnplass

The adventure goes on

Great results from our employee experience survey

Carpool with Branns Pallesen Knudsen, Møller Wolfe, Finne and Horn Myhre

The nicest swede in the world - with 50 years in Volvo!

Export of hydraulic steering machines

Wishes for a magical atmosphere at the Frydenbø grandstand!

Congratulations on 105 years!

Life rafts became mandatory

New Frydenbø car centre in Sogndal!

New models

Frydenbø Bil partners with NIO

The market wants boats!

20tretti - system innovation and climate goals

Hydraulic steering machine

Relfections and hope for the future

People will always be superior to machines

Super team Sogndal

Frydenbø Industri establishes new ship service business in Vesterålen

Frydenbø Eiendom BREEAM-certifies multiple buildings

MyCar Group - Norway’s new automotive cluster

Future Proof - collaborations to reach our goals

Apprentices are the future

A uniqe hybrid engine solution

Fully electric engine solution with a swivel gear

All of Frydenbøs car dealerships are Eco-lighthouse certified

Hope to see you soon at the world’s best grandstand

Our product portfolio expands - Introducing Byd and Maxus

Frydenbø Eiendom invests in property at Kokstad

New leader in Frydenbø Bil

The story behind Imove

Frydenbø Industri establishes a sales office in Ulsteinvik

Frydenbø enters into an agreement with Mercury Marine!

A new generation of RIB - Nordkapp Airborne 7!

Get useful tips about how to maintain and use your boat

The work environment is a source of motivation in itself

I like to find the best solution for all parties

It is motivating to see how good the end result is

Employee benefits and holiday homes

The Frydenbø life rafts

Frydenbø carbide generator

Rack and pinion steering machines


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