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The adventure goes on


In autumn 1993, Volvo and Renault searched for a new dealer in Bergen. They approached Frydenbø Holding to investigate the possibilities of renting Fjøsangerveien. Volvo Cars Norway (VPN) was not only looking for new premises, but also for a new agent who could take over the agency in Bergen from importer-owned AS Motor.

Knut Herman Gjøvaag led the negotiations together with Øystein Herland, which led to Frydenbø Holding taking over the dealership in Bergen, at first south of the city centre, in Fjøsangerveien.

Minde reklame

Volvo had initially focused on using two competing dealers in Bergen - one south of the city centre and another in the north. That did not happen. After negotiations back and forth, Frydenbø also took over the business in Åsane. The condition was that it had to happen from 2 January 1994, a few weeks ahead. In return, they received help with the start-up, and the car adventure was under way.


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