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New models

In the second half of the 1950s, the production of larger steering machines increased. Shipowner Bache in Trondheim played a crucial role in this work, when he ordered a steering machine for his newbuilding of 12,000 deadweight tonnes, which was to be built at the Ekensberg shipyard in Sweden.

Hydrapilot1The feedback from Frydenbø was that such control machines were not in production. But the shipping company did not give up. They had such good experiences with the machines that they had ordered for previous new buildings, that shipowner Bache sent the following message: "Start constructing a suitable machine!"

Thus, the work began on the first HS-280 Frydenbø Hydrapilot. The largest machine designed prior to this was the HS-90, which was delivered to M / S "Utsira" by shipowner Torkildsen in Bergen. After the delivery of the HS-280, Frydenbø designed the models HS-120 and HS-180 in quick succession to fill in the gaps in the model series.


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