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The work environment is a source of motivation in itself

hanøytangen redigert blå båt uten plattformMargrethe is the CFO of Frydenbø Industri, at the location Hanøytangen. She has been working in Frydenbø for almost 17 years!

Margrethe Gotteberg Nesse

Chief Financial Officer, Frydenbø Industri, located at Hanøytangen

My name is Margrethe Gotteberg Nesse. I originally come from Florø and I currently live at Hop in Bergen. I have a degree in economics from BI in Bergen, specialising in financial management and investment analysis. Since summer 2018, I have worked as CFO for the Frydenbø Industri division, but I have been employed by Frydenbø since 2004.

In the beginning, I worked with keeping cash documents and collecting accounts receivable. Gradually, I got more responsibility within accounting, started with paid work and eventually became the accounting manager. In addition to the Industry Division, I have previously worked in cars, real estate and at the group level. As CFO of Frydenbø Industri, I have overall responsibility for the division's accounting and finance follow-up. This entails responsibility for, among other things, reporting, liquidity, budget, annual settlement and personnel responsibilities. You could say that I started from scratch and have since then worked my way up.

"I started from scratch and have since then worked my way up"

Margrethe Nesse - fotograf Trude Brun Wilhelmsen-0296_ppA typical working day consists of a lot of communication both internally and externally, a review of what is going on within the division, assisting colleagues with whatever they need help with and a pleasant lunch in the canteen.

One of the best things about Frydenbø is all my amazing colleagues and the fact that Frydenbø is a reliable and strong company. As an employee, you get the space and opportunity you need to grow both personally and professionally, your ideas and opinions are acknowledged and in my experience you get shown a lot of trust - especially in the difficult times we have had with COVID-19. With many of our employees working from home, this trust has been very important. This is something I find very motivating, and a good reason to always do my best. Having several exciting and different responsibilities also contribute to my days not becoming monotonous or boring. Otherwise, I think the work environment is a motivation in itself, which makes it fun to go to work.

"I think the work environment is a source of motivation in itself, which makes it fun to go to work."

Frydenbø, as the parent group, has the core values enthusiastic, honest and responsible, something I live by daily by always doing my best. These core values are equally important to comply with regarding our customers, suppliers, colleagues and, lastly, the owner, of course.

The fact that Frydenbø Group is putting a greater focus on sustainability in its operations is something I am proud of. We all have a responsibility for our planet’s well-being, and larger companies like ourselves must be involved in taking on this responsibility. It is very exciting to be part of the journey which Frydenbø Industry has started within this, with hybrid, ATS and hydrogen solutions and the Dyno engine brake. It is not only within the environment that we work with sustainability, but also when it comes to hiring apprentices, having as many permanent employees as possible and complying with the HSE and AML requirements. Sponsorships are also a great way to support children’s and young adults’ sport, but also for both young people and adults to have a place to feel a sense of belonging.


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