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We are committed to cultivating good cooperation in culture and sports.

Frydenbø - proud sponsor ❤

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Frydenbø's core values, enthusiastic, honest and responsible, must be made visible in all our work. Our community involvement is evident in sports and culture, especially in the surrounding areas where we do business. We are also a proud sponsor of top sports, such as the alpine national team.

The sponsorships creates commitment and involvement of employees, customers and other residents, with the aim of strengthening the Frydenbø brand and contributing to a good local environment in the areas where we are located.

We want to be a good partner in our existing collaborations, and are currently not looking for new sponsorships.

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Alpine Team Norway

The collaboration with NSF alpine was in the first years about supporting the girls and helping them to gain equal opportunities to succeed. Today, the collaboration applies to all "Attacking Vikings".

Flest mulig, lengst mulig, best mulig

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IK Start

At Sør Arena you can enjoy the match from the Frydenbø grandstand on the far side of the stadium. Frydenbø has been a proud sponsor of the big club in Southern Norway since 2015.

Sammen for Sørlandet

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Sogndal Fotball

In Sogndal they are talented within multiple areas - including football. At Fosshaugane Campus, it is the visiting football fans who get the pleasure of experiencing the match from the Frydenbø grandstand.

Stao no pao

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Sportsklubben Brann

Frydenbø has been a proud sponsor since 2004. The Frydenbø grandstand at Brann Stadion is the place to be to experience a fantastic atmosphere, thanks to the Battalion and Field Z.

Gullet ska´ hem

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IL Sandviken Toppfotball

We are proud to be a primary sponsor. A traditional club from Bergen, playing in the top-series. Plays with Frydenbø on their chest, and has ambitions to join Champions League. 

Vi oppfyller drømmer

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Helt på vidda grå bakgrunn1-2-1-1

Helt På Vidda

Helt på Vidda is a summer festival at Geilo arranged for the first time in 2021. Frydenbø is a proud sponsor.  

Diversity, nature, culture


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Reaching our goals together!

Frydenbø - proud partner💪 

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Frydenbø's core values, enthusiastic, honest and responsible, is displayed through collaborations within the business community. Various parts of our businesses are associated with relevant professional environments and interest organizations. Here are a few of them.

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Bergen Næringsråd

The Bergen Business Council showcase the diversity and strength of the region's business community. They set the agenda in current business policy issues, through the media and in contact with the political environment.

Frydenbø Group is a primary collaborator.

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Proptech Innovation

Proptech Innovation is a cluster for the construction and real estate industry.

Frydenbø Eiendom is one of the co-founders, and one of over 80 active member companies.

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StartupLab is a very exciting environment, with focus on start-up companies and their opportunities to succeed in the market. Solves climate headaches through the Bergen 2030 program.

Frydenbø is a partner.

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Western Norway's largest network in sales and communication.

Frydenbø Group is a partner.

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Civita is a liberal "think tank" with an ideal goal.

Frydenbø Group supports Civita.

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