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Benefits for Frydenbø employees

As an employee in Frydenbø, you get access to discounts on goods and services within the company, as well as accrued benefits through our suppliers.

Goods and services within the company 

Employees receive favorable discounts on goods and services in the group. When buying a car, a boat, using service or buying parts for a car, or electrical services. We also have good agrangements with several gyms, and sponsor employees who are members of any gym with a monthly amount.  

Access to holiday homes

We also have three holiday homes that employees can apply to use, reasonably priced. The holiday homes are distributed through a random draw of all the applicants.   

  • A cabin at Maurset in Eidfjord.
  • An apartment at Geilo.    
  • An apartment in Mallorca, Spain.  

Foto:Stefan Kunze, Mallorca

Benefit programs through our suppliers

Through our suppliers, employees in Frydenbø get the opportunity to use their benefit programs. Visma benefits offers membership for the company's employees, where you can get good offers at over 40 well-known online stores and shops.

Frydenbø is also a member of Norsk Industri, which also includes negotiated hotel agreements with several of Norways biggest hotel chains, which employees can use if they wish. 

For questions related to the information above, contact our HR manager:

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Eva Fonn Alsaker

Head of HR

Frydenbø Group