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Berge & Co - the car adventure in Sogn og Fjordane

Berge & Co has since the founding day of 20 September 1954 been a family-owned group, and with it follows a long history. In the subsequent 70 years, their dealerships have expanded from selling 3 cars in the first year to around 2000 contracts ...

The adventure goes on

In autumn 1993, Volvo and Renault searched for a new dealer in Bergen. They approached Frydenbø Holding to investigate the possibilities of renting Fjøsangerveien. Volvo Cars Norway (VPN) was not only looking for new premises, but also for a new ...

Export of hydraulic steering machines

In 1954, the export of the steering machines began, and a number of constructions were delivered to Germany, France, the Netherlands and Finland. Agents from Frydenbø also visited other markets, and the first agreement on licence production came to ...

Life rafts became mandatory

In 1951, Frydenbø received unexpected assistance from the Norwegian Maritime Authority. It was decided that all vessels over 200 gross registered tonnes should have life rafts, and the company could thus start with an ever-increasing production of ...

New models

In the second half of the 1950s, the production of larger steering machines increased. Shipowner Bache in Trondheim played a crucial role in this work, when he ordered a steering machine for his newbuilding of 12,000 deadweight tonnes, which was to ...

Hydraulic steering machine

In 1941, engineer Richard Vinkler was hired by the company as the technical manager, while engineers Johan Økland and Bernt Våge were hired a few years after the war. These three were to be of great importance for the development of hydraulic ...

The Frydenbø life rafts

Times were tough in the 1920s and it was a trial for the company. The solution Frydenbø chose would prove to set the standard for how the company coped with tough times; they dared to think new.

Frydenbø carbide generator

The years ahead of World War II were good years for the company. The first quarter of 1940 was very good, but the outbreak of war on 9 April put the company in great difficulty. Despite little access to work, the workshop was kept in operation at ...

Rack and pinion steering machines

The new steering machine was a commercial success: Hundreds of machines were produced for ships throughout Scandinavia. They were sold through ship dealers that had sold Frydenbø's rafts and later floats for many years.


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