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After almost 30 years of formidable growth at Minde, Frydenbø is moving Bilsenter to Kokstad in 2023

19039 Kokstadveien 37 - utside 5 - ARTEC


One year from mow, Frydenbø Bilsenter will have moved to car city at Kokstad. The new location will be a modern automotive facility which houses new cars, used cars, repair shops and administration.


Growth and ambition
Frydenbø Bilsenter Frydenbø Bilsenter has done well for several years and had a turnover of NOK 2.6 billion* in 2021. Ambitions are not lower for the future. As one of Norway's largest Volvo dealers, they will be taking over close to 4000 square meters in BKK's former main plant at Kokstadveien 37.

- We have done a lot right in recent years! We built a solid organization, and at the same time benefited from a growing demand for our brands, said Olav Aksnes, CEO of Frydenbø Bilsenter.

Frydenbø Bilsenter employs a total of just over 200 full-time equivalents, half of which are stationed in Bergen – and half of these will have a new place of work at Kokstad in a year's time.
Image: Olav Aksnes, CEO of Frydenbø Bilsenter. Photo: Photographer Trude Brun Wilhelmsen

Olav - fotograf Trude Brun Wilhelmsen-4213
Image: Olav Aksnes, CEO of Frydenbø Bilsenter. Photo: Photographer Trude Brun Wilhelmsen

Big investment

- We had a very good location at Minde, but now the whole area is undergoing a major transformation. That is why this is good timing for us to move locations," said Olav Aksnes, CEO of Frydenbø Bilsenter.

Frydenbø will take over 4000 square meters at Kokstad and invested between 40 and 50 million in the new facility. The premises will be refurbished to become a state-of-the-art car center. Frydenbø Bilsenter is one of Norway's largest Volvo dealerships and distributed over 6000 new and used cars in 2021.

- In the years ahead, we have great ambitions for growth; it will be important to offer pleasant and modern premises that meet our customers needs and that provide better working conditions for our employees. Our customers expect world-class service and we hope they will also be as excited about the new premises as we are," said Olav Aksnes

The premises contain not only new and used cars, but also offices for the administration and a state-of-the-art workshop.

Image: Area drawing of Frydenfalch's property at Kokstad. Frydenbø Bilsenter is mostly located in the orange building. Ill.: Artec AS

New tire hotel

The neighbour of the car center is a tire storage facility run by Dekkstra which already has a large tire hotel and tire service workshop in Eidsvåg, Åsane. The new tire hotel will hold just over 6000 wheel sets, while today's facility only has capacity for 3500. Dekkstra is operated by MyCar Group, a car group established in 2020 and partly owned 50/50 by Frydenbø Bil and Kverneland Bil.

Free space

After Frydenfalch AS bought BKK/Eviny's premises at Kokstad, Frydenbø Bilsenter started renovation of the premises and is now getting ready to move the entire car center from Minde to Kokstad at the beginning of 2023. Frydenbø's real estate company is one of the owners of Frydenfalch, which will now be the new landlord of the car center.

Frydenfalch AS manages approx. 30 000 m2 of commercial space at Kokstad with offices, sales and service buildings.

"Both the automotive and service activities will provide a good addition to the commercial activities in the area, and we hope other operators are interested in relocating in this attractive business cluster," said CEO of Frydenbø Eiendom, Håvard Fjæreide.fotograf Trude Brun Wilhelmsen-0445_pp
Image: Håvard Fjæreide, CEO of Frydenbø Eiendom. Photo: Photographer Trude Brun Wilhelmsen

Frydenbø Bil, is one of Norway's largest Volvo dealer chains. Along with Volvo, Frydenbø Bilsenter also sells for Nissan, Renault, Dacia, BYD and Maxus at eight locations from Sandane in the north to Mandal in the south. Frydenbø is a Polestar partner and as partial owner of MyCar Group. Frydenbø Bilsenter earned about 2.6 billion kroner * in 2021 and distributed just over 6000 cars. Frydenbø Bilsenter is industrial in its distribution enterprise and shall be the preferred partner for car distribution among importers. Frydenbø Bil is the largest organization in the Frydenbø Group, a family-owned group with five business areas; INDUSTRY, AUTOMOTIVE, REAL ESTATE, MARINE AND NXT. The Group has a total of 790 employees and had a turnover of 3.5 billion kroner* in 2021. Strategic focus areas: customer journey, team, profitability and sustainability. Vision: "We will create value through quality and world class service".

*Estimated – figures for 2021 are not fully revised.

For questions related to the information provided above, please contact Silje Ulla-Zahl Tel +47 928 35 966, Communications Director for the Frydenbø Group, or directly with: Olav Aksnes +47 932 32 818, CEO for Frydenbø Bilsenter.


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