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A happy customer is a good customer

Get to know Christoffer Lovin Bergfald. He is a mechanic and works for Frydenbø Industri in Øksfjord - one of our northernmost locations.

Great results from our employee experience survey

Our highest valued resource at Frydenbø is our employees. Because of this, we conduct employee surveys annually.

Carpool with Branns Pallesen Knudsen, Møller Wolfe, Finne and Horn Myhre

Fredrik Pallesen Knudsen, David Møller Wolfe and Bård Finne shows Bergen city to Felix Horn Myhre, in a gorgeous Volvo XC90 from Frydenbø Bilsenter🚗⚽

The nicest swede in the world - with 50 years in Volvo!

Gøran Johansson has worked with the Volvo brand for 50 years, and has been in Frydenbø since the car dealership at Minde opened in 1994. He is the world's most pleasant Swede, and has through the years had multiple positions in the firm.

Wishes for a magical atmosphere at the Frydenbø grandstand!

The same day Brann meets Stabæk in a fateful settlement, Frydenbø turns 105 years old. On that occasion, the CEO wishes for a magical atmosphere at the Stadium - and, therefore, hands out 1,000 free tickets to the Brann supporters. Go Brann!❤

Congratulations on 105 years!

On 17 October 1916, the company a/s Frydenbø Slip & mek. Verksted was formally established - 105 years ago! Frydenbø Group is still a family-owned company, but it has grown into a large and sustainable corporation - a significant player within ...

Life rafts became mandatory

In 1951, Frydenbø received unexpected assistance from the Norwegian Maritime Authority. It was decided that all vessels over 200 gross registered tonnes should have life rafts, and the company could thus start with an ever-increasing production of ...

New models

In the second half of the 1950s, the production of larger steering machines increased. Shipowner Bache in Trondheim played a crucial role in this work, when he ordered a steering machine for his newbuilding of 12,000 deadweight tonnes, which was to ...

Frydenbø Bil partners with NIO

PRESSRELEASE October 1st 2021 Frydenbø Bil has entered into an agreement of cooperation with NIO Norway AS to be an authorised service partner in Bergen and Agder.


Ola Nordmann


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