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All of Frydenbøs car dealerships are Eco-lighthouse certified

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Eco-lighthouse is a recognised and efficient tool for certification, and for tracking the effects of sustainable management. This is a device meant to help businesses succeed in converting their operations towards a greener path. Eco-lighthouse is the most frequently used certificate for businesses that want to document and report their environmental efforts as well as show social responsibility.

PHOTO: General manager Jo Inge Solstad at Frydenbø Car centre, Sandane (right) receives an Eco-Lighthouse plaque from the mayor of Gloppen Municipality, Leidulf Gloppestad (left).

Frydenbø Automotives – All locations Eco-lighthouse certified 

Eco-Lighthouse is the first national certification in Europe to be recognized by the EU. All of our locations are certified Eco-lighthouse businesses, where there is, among other things, a strong focus on climate and environmental requirements related to procurement. Through area efficiency programmes, measures for energy optimisation and goals for waste reduction, efforts are made to reduce energy consumption and waste for incineration. Digitisation of processes contributes to the reduction in the use of paper, and work is being done with measures to reduce the use of plastic packaging from our largest suppliers.

Each department must submit an annual climate and environmental report to document the environmental impact and the environmental goals that have been achieved. The report is an important tool in environmental management, and it contributes to the better management of environmental work.

Sustainability - an important criterion for co-operation

The car centres are constantly working to run the centres in a more sustainable way, and the Eco-Lighthouse certification is an important part of this. It covers most of the areas that are important to keep a steady thread in regarding the environmental footprint we leave behind for the future.

We see the Eco-lighthouse certification as something that can advance our position in negotiations and agreements with other businesses and our partners. It will also be important in the years to come, to set requirements for our suppliers when new agreements are to be negotiated.

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Marianne Ryan - Frydenbø

Marianne Ryan


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