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Complete car centres for sales and service. Dealer of Volvo, Nissan, BYD and Maxus. Polestar Space in Bergen. Founder and co-owner of MyCar Group.

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Frydenbø Bil AS is one of Western Norway's fastest growing groups. It is also Frydenbø Group's largest business area in terms of number of employees and turnover. Through Frydenbø car centres, the group is a proud dealer of Volvo, Nissan, BYD and Maxus. We have locations in Kristiansand, Mandal, Sogndal, Førde, Sandane, Molde, Ålesund and three car centres in Bergen. Polestar showroom in the centre of Bergen, Polestar delivery rooms in Åsane. Frydenbø Bil founded MyCar Group in 2021 together with Kverneland Bil, and Gjensidige later joned as one of the co-owners. The new group focuses on used cars and other car services. The companies Dekkstra and INTAKT Bilskade are part of MyCar Group.

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