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A uniqe hybrid engine solution

Hybridløsning bilde-1
In the effort to reduce the Norwegian domestic shipping total emissions, Frydenbø Industri, together with partners, has developed a unique hybrid solution for smaller vessel engines.

The hybrid consists of an electric motor and a diesel engine. During the phase of development, it has been important to us to ensure that both engines are on the same shaft in order to make sure that the transition between diesel and electric operation is as seamless and smooth as possible.

The hybrid power production ensures the optimal utilisation of energy and provides large savings in fuel costs. Reducing the number of operating hours and maximising the utilisation of engine efficiency also lead to service life savings.

The first contract for an in-line hybrid solution was signed in 2020, with the delivery planned for June 2021. The shipyard is Promek, and the customer is EWOS Innovation (Cargill).

At Frydenbø, our eyes are always open for projects and opportunities with the environment and sustainable production in mind. We are also very grateful for our customers coming to us with a green mindset which makes it possible for us to invest further in this type of development.

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