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New leader in Frydenbø Bil

Frydenbø bil
PRESS RELEASE 06.01.2021: Erik Diesen, Executive Vice President of Frydenbø Automotives, resigns after the first quarter. The financier Arne Kjetil Møkster joins as the new leader of the car group.

Arne Kjetil Møkster new leader at Frydenbø Bil

Arne Kjetil Møkster is 53 years old and took up the position as the new manager for Frydenbø Bil on 1 April 2021. He has a master's degree in economics from BI Norwegian Business School, and has a background in finance, both as a consultant, CFO, partner and general manager. He has worked in companies such as EY, Mjellem & Karlsen and listed Seateam Technology (now part of Subsea 7). In recent years, he has worked with private equity in Rhea Capital Management and for the Hestness family.

Nine years in Frydenbø

Erik has accepted new challenges in the financial industry. He started in Frydenbø Group in 2012 and worked as investment director, before taking over the helm of Frydenbø Bil in 2015.


– What Erik has achieved together with other colleagues in recent years is impressive both strategically and operationally. This is confirmed by the fact that 2020 will be the best result ever for Frydenbø Bil. On behalf of the board, I thank Erik for his efforts during these years", says Knut Herman Gjøvaag, chairman of the board of Frydenbø Automotives, owner and CEO of Frydenbø Group.

About the company:

Frydenbø Bil have operated with car and car-related services for over 25 years and is part of the family-owned Frydenbø Group. The car group consists of Frydenbø Bilsenter - a proud dealer of Volvo, Nissan, Renault, BYD and Maxus, and the outlet company Mobelity. Frydenbø Bil is together with Kverneland Bil the owner of the chains Dekkstra and Skala Bilskade. About 250 people work in Frydenbø Bil AS.

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Silje Ulla-Zah

Director of market and communication

Frydenbø Group