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Great results from our employee experience survey

Bilde medarbeidertilfredshet

Our highest valued resource at Frydenbø is our employees. Because of this, we annually conduct employee surveys.

In Frydenbø, “team” is one of our four strategic focus areas, across the group's five business areas.

- We believe in measuring the development of work satisfaction in our most important resource - our employees. This is why we carry out annual employee surveys, and actively work towards improving based on the results, says HR manager, Eva Fonn Alasker.

The employee survey is conducted once a year, and measures satisfaction under the following categories:

  • Work environment
  • Tasks
  • Competence
  • Well-being and employee relations
  • Management
  • Information and communication
  • Frydenbø as an employer

Frydenbø has a total of 550 employees and the average response rate to the surveys is around 80%.


Frydenbøs philosophy is that satisfied employees are also committed employees - which in turn increases production. The employee survey provides insight into what our employees are happy with, and what managers must improve in order to achieve the highest possible satisfaction under all categories. The results from the survey are the starting point for the departments' continuous work in environment measures.

- It is with pride that we see the total employee satisfaction in Frydenbø Group has increased since the first survey, says Head of HR, Eva Fonn Alsaker.

The average of all the categories in the survey from the first survey in 2018 has measured to over 4 out of 5. In 2018, it was marginally over 4, but with a steady increase in all categories, it is at now 4,16.


For questions related to this, contact our Head of HR:

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Eva Fonn Alsaker

Head of HR

Frydenbø Group