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Super team Sogndal

Songdal trening med frydebøtribuneSogndal Football has been the small town Sogndal's pride for a long time. Ever since 1976, the team has played in one of the two upper divisions of Norwegian football. They are committed to contributing positively to the local community, and to creating an inclusive arena for anyone who wishes to partake in sports.

PHOTO: Sogndal Fotball. 

We had a chat with Terje Teigen, sales- and partners manager at Sogndal Fotball. He reflects on the collaborative relationship with Frydenbø, and about what is important when contributing to the community - both for the locals and for the local businesses.

Frydenbø came knocking 

Frydenbø was the one who came knocking and wanted to support the football community in Sogndal - a strategic move to increase awareness of Frydenbø Bilsenter Sogndal.

- The agreement plays a significant role in the operation of the club and our commitment. One of the main elements of the agreement is the Frydenbø grandstand at the stadium, where visitors get the pleasure of enjoying the match. The "Frydenbø Grandstand" is a term that is used daily by everyone at Fosshaugane Campus, says Teigen.

A contributor to local business development

Sogndal football is constantly working towards development, and to mirror the local, regional and national business community.

- Creating a common meeting place for the business community is important, and it gives us the opportunity to strengthen each company's position. We work towards achieving our own goals, but also to contribute so that the local industry can flourish. It is good for business development to support each other, says Teigen.

"It is good for business development to support each other" 

sogndal trening frydenbøtribune

PHOTO: Sogndal Fotball. 

Over 1,000 active kids and teens within the football community

Sogndal Football has an ongoing collaboration with both upper secondary schools and Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. Sogndal is Norway's second largest sports education location. They have a great stadium, training grounds and many other sports facilities.

- Our vision is to create an arena for young football players, where they can further develop their talents. We are continuously interacting with the schools and learning facilities, and we work together towards our common goals. We have expanded our mindset, and we started thinking bigger than ourselves. Because of this, we have the country's largest climbing facility for all ages, and we are currently developing in E-sports. In total, we have over 1,000 children and young people who are active within football in our small town, says Terje Teigen.

A place for everyone

Sogndal Fotball also cooperates with the Directorate of Norwegian Correctional Services, and occasionally we have people participating in work training at Fosshaugane Campus. Some of these have gotten permanent jobs in the club. They also have a programme for people with special challenges who work under supervision.

- This is rewarding work for us, and we are very proud to have the opportunity to do this, Teigen concludes.

Frydenbø supports Sogndal, and we are very proud to be able to contribute both to the football team, but also to the local community!


Ola Nordmann


Frydenbø AS