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A happy customer is a good customer


Get to know Christoffer Lovin Bergfald. He is a mechanic and works for Frydenbø Industri in Øksfjord - one of our northernmost locations.

Christoffer Lovin Bergfald

Mechanic in Frydenbø Industri, location Øksfjord.

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I am from Øksfjord and have attended two years of aquaculture in high school with an apprenticeship of two years after schooling. I have previously worked in different areas, among other things at a local car repair shop.


Likes a challenge

I started in Frydenbø about three years ago, and I work as a mechanic. A normal day can be quite varied, but it mostly involves fixing and working with the engines, straightening dents and replacing parts on boats and ships docking here in Øksfjord. If needed, I help wherever I can. My work is varied, and I like a challenge!


An exciting mission

We had an assignment in Hammerfest, where the engine had to be replaced on a boat. The work had to be carried out at the workshop in Øksfjord. We had to tow the boat by sea from Hammerfest to Øksfjord, at the same time as the crew carried the engine by road. When we finally got it into the workshop, we were able to continue the assembly and complete the work. We are always solution-oriented for our customers, and in the end this assignment went smoothly. The customer was happy with the service!
Stepped in as motor chairman 
As mentioned earlier, I help anywhere it is needed, and a while ago, a colleague of mine became ill and I got to try my hand at the position as engine chairman. I wrote weekly reports, managed projects and lead certain work processes - it was a lot of fun!
Enjoys spending time in nature
When I have time off, or time to spare, I like to go snowmobiling. In the autumn, I like to go hunting, and in the summer, I enjoy fishing - we have amazing nature here in the north.

Great work environment

My philosophy is that a happy customer is a good customer, and we work continuously to deliver the best we can! We are honest and sincere in a down-to-earth way, and we have a good working environment here in Øksfjord - which is important when performing as a team!


Ola Nordmann


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