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Frydenbø Eiendom AS rents out more than 110,000 square metres of commercial premises close to the city centre in Bergen. Co-owner of the reputable architect and design firm Artec. Owns (50%) of the historic Dr. Holms Hotel in Geilo.

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Frydenbø Eiendom AS manages and develops commercial real estate. They have a wide range of loyal rental customers who appreciate tailored solutions and a location close to the city centre in Bergen. At Damsgård by Frydenbø Marina, Frydenbø Eiendom AS offers offices with modern facilities in architectural gems such as Damsgårdsveien 135 and Kilen. Professionals in Frydenbø Eiendomsdrift, facility services, ensure that our tenants have access to everything they need, regardless of the location. Frydenbø Eiendom is a co-owner of the architectural firm ARTEC and Dr. Holms Hotel in Geilo. Co-founder and active participant in Proptech Innovation.

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