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Frydenbø signs the FUTURE-PROOF poster

20220304 - Frydenbø - Malene Bigseth (1 of 1)

FUTURE-PROOF recently launched its endorsement declaration, the FUTURE-PROOF poster. The purpose of the poster is to gather and highlight operators who want to take the lead in the discussion and cooperation about common challenges. Frydenbø Group is now the first company to join the poster.

Photo: Malene Sighaug Bigseth / FUTURE-PROOF
From the left: Knut Herman Gjøvaag, CEO and owner of Frydenbø Group, Jostein Hole Kobbeltvedt, CEO of Rafto Foundation.

The purpose of FUTURE-PROOF is to help the business sector comply with its human rights responsibilities, both internally in its own business and beyond in its supply chains. The demands of investors, consumers, employees, business partners and, not least, governments, nationally and internationally, are increasing as the global sustainability agenda is achieved.

- We think it is important to be clear about what values we stand for and what positions we take with regard to safeguarding human rights and a decent working life for everyone. We would also like to positively influence other companies to help increase their focus on the importance of the business sector respecting human rights, said Knut Herman Gjøvaag, CEO and owner of Frydenbø Group.

The platform was established by The Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) and the Rafto Foundation, on initiative of the International Resource Group at The Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI).

- We see FUTURE-PROOF as an opportunity to enhance competence and gain knowledge that will help us identify common challenges and dilemmas. A collaboration in FUTURE-PROOF will clearly make a positive contribution so we are better able to make risk assessments and contribute even better to positively impacting the people in our surroundings, he concludes.

Open to all

FUTURE-PROOF wants to create a forum where difficult issues, challenges, and dilemmas can be discussed and solved together. Signing the poster is an important step in joining this community.

- The key to the FUTURE-PROOF poster is an underlying commitment, but the project does not expect affiliated operators to be flawless in their human rights work," said Jostein Hole Kobbeltvedt, CEO of the Rafto Foundation.

Sustainability is one of four strategic focus areas

Sustainability is a prerequisite for doing long-term business, and long-term perspectives have been important for Frydenbø since its inception in 1916. To ensure that good intentions are transformed into action, Frydenbø has elevated sustainability since 2018 as one of four joint strategically important focus areas for all the companies in Frydenbø Group.

- FUTURE-PROOF provides the opportunity for sharing experiences, enhancing skills and competence and discussing how best to do the job that the Transparency Act now requires," said Marianne Ryan, purchasing director and sustainability manager at Frydenbø Group.

- We also see obvious opportunities for helping us put in place good processes and guidelines for due diligence. Many, including Frydenbø, have limited management resources and it makes sense that the business community in Bergen cooperates to set effective and good standards for our efforts to ensure that we respect human rights. The more often we talk about it, the easier it will be to remind one of this important area, Gjøvaag agrees.

20220304 - Frydenbø - Malene Bigseth (1 of 1)-2


From the left: Jostein Hole Kobbeltvedt, CEO of the Rafto Foundation, Marianne Ryan, purchasing director and sustainability manager at Frydenbø Group, Knut Herman Gjøvaag, CEO and owner of Frydenbø Group, Malene Sighaug Bigseth, project coordinator at FUTURE-PROOF, Johannes Magnus, business policy adviser at Bergen Business Council.

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