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Future Proof - collaborations to reach our goals

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Fair Play within business is very important, although it is not always as easy to detect irresponisble and illegal behaviour from suppliers, compared to witnessing foul play in a match of football. Because of this, we support positive initiatives and collaborations between businisses, like the Future-Proof initiative in Bergen. 
Because it is espesially important to share information between businisses, and to learn from eachother. This way we can grow better faster, with help from partners and similar businesses.  

Bergen Næringsråd and  Raftostiftelsen are the initiators of this program, where the purpose is to support the business community, to better comply with their human rights responsibility. This applies to both production and operation in Norway, but also in the off-shore supply chains. The initiative is called «Future-Proof». We are convinced that companies and suppliers who are bad at human rights generally represent a greater business risk for Frydenbø.



The UN's general principles for business and human rights have as a basic principle that authorities must ensure human rights, and that the companies have their own responsibility to respect these.

Companies are responsible for making due diligence assessments of how they directly through their own business operatgions, and indirectly through the activities of their suppliers, affect people in their surroundings. A change is happening, both internationally and in Norway, from guidance, recommendations and guidelines to more legislation in the area.

Frydenbø + Factlines

In order to obtain a more efficiant and structured risk assessment of our suppliers, Frydenbø collaborates with Factlines regarding reports from suppliers, on corporate social responsibility, HSE and sustainability/environment. If suppliers are perceived to be “high risk”, these are assesed closer. We then proceed to take measures to reduce risk.

For questions related to Frydenbø's sustainability work, contact our CPO:

Marianne Ryan - Frydenbø

Marianne Ryan


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