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Hope to see you soon at the world’s best grandstand

Frydenbo-tribunen Brann
To shorten the wait, we stopped by Brann Stadium to make sure that the Frydenbø grandstand is ready for the season opening, and it is! We also got to spar with Brann about cooperation, income streams, values and what it will take to bring the gold home.

PHOTO: Digitalsport.

Sponsorships as a tool in branding strategy

The collaboration between Brann and Frydenbø started in 2004, and it has been very valuable for both parties since then.

- The collaboration with Brann has been a natural part of Frydenbø's brand strategy for many years. There is something completely magical about the atmosphere at the stadium when Brann is in the lead, and we look forward to many fantastic moments throughout the season, says Silje Ulla-Zahl, marketing and communications director at Frydenbø Group.

- Frydenbø is a partner that has supported the club though thick and thin. They know the club very well, and they know the market. It is nice that Frydenbø contributes to the discussions regarding club matters, and always gives us honest feedback. The company has created internal enthusiasm for the club, and they are great ambassadors. They always show up, show that they care about us and want us to do good, says Branns head of market, communication and sustainability, Therese Andvik Rygg.

The foundation behind great football 

Economic support from sponsors is Brann's largest source of income, and this is very important in order to create the best possible football team. Branns brand identity is very strong nationally, and long-term agreements with sponsors help to strengthen the brand considerably.

Long-term agreements with Frydenbø, among others, have provided a financial foundation for the team. Brann emphasises that Frydenbø is an important customer which again makes it more attractive for other companies to invest in the club. The Frydenbø grandstand has become a household name in Bergen and houses Brann's most loyal and enthusiastic supporters.

- Having continuity with them is important to us. Frydenbø has over the years been an important sparring partner for the club, Andvik Rygg continues.

Common interests

Brann and Frydenbø are both part of Bergen's history as well as its future. Andvik Rygg emphasises that Brann is not just a sports club; it is also an organisation that can make a positive difference.

- We care about Bergen and the people who live here. The club uses their voice to influence their surroundings positively, and to make a difference where it is possible. Our street team project is a good example of this, she says.

This fits in well with Frydenbø's goal of being a value creator and positive contributor in the areas where we operate.

- Having a strong football team like Brann is good for Bergen, and it is also valuable for our employees and customers, says Silje Ulla-Zahl, Marketing and Communications Director at Frydenbø Group. She emphasises that Brann's core values also match Frydenbø's values; "enthusiastic", "honest" and "responsible".

Brann has many charities, and show their social responsibility through their street team, integration, "Brannsjansen", their collaboration with Haukeland Hospital and the children's clinic, MOT and Pride. These projects and their ambition to be good role models are highly valued at Frydenbø.

"The gold is going home"

Branns mission is "We are Brann - Bergen's Pride" and the vision is "The gold is going home".

- To live up to this, quality is required in everything we do. Win football matches. Win series gold. Use young local players. Entertain. Make people from Bergen proud. Create good experiences in the stands and outside the Stadium. Create value for our partners. Increase revenue. Create excitement and enthusiasm. Make a difference for those who need it, as an organisation, says Andvik Rygg.

There are many exciting projects under way at the stadium. Some of the projects: the stadium will be digitised, there will be a solar panel on the grandstand roofs, further development of waste management, moving in for Norges Toppidrettsgymnas and an identity process under the concept "we want it the most".

We look forward to following the development and atmosphere at Brann Stadium!

Frydenbø-tribunen Lars Petter Mongstad, Silje Ulla-Zahl, Therese Andvik Rygg, Susann Solheim Gjerløw
FROM THE LEFT: Lars Petter Mongstad (Brann), Silje Ulla-Zahl (Frydenbø), Therese Andvik Rygg (Brann), Susann Solheim Gjerløw (Frydenbø).

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