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Frydenbø Bil partners with NIO

PRESSRELEASE October 1st 2021 Frydenbø Bil has entered into an agreement of cooperation with NIO Norway AS to be an authorized service partner in Bergen and Agder.  

People will always be superior to machines

Terje Waagenes talks about his career in the automobile industry, and gives thought to why humans will always be superior to machines.

MyCar Group - Norways new automotive cluster

MyCar Group is the new automotive cluster in Norway. It includes the only used car-franchise in Norway, MyCar, the deck hotel franchise Dekkstra and also the damage and car paint franchise, Skala. MyCar Group aims for a turnover of approximately NOK ...

All of Frydenbøs car dealerships are Eco-lighthouse certified

Eco-lighthouse is a recognized and efficiant tool for certification, and for tracking the effects of sustainable management. This is a device ment to help businesses succeed in converting their operations towards a greener path. Eco-lighthouse is ...

Our product portfolio expands - Introducing Byd and Maxus

Frydenbø has recently entered an agreement with the RSA, concerning the distribution of the Chinese electric car brands BYD and Maxus in Vestland and Agder. Through this distribution agreement, we can offer well-equipped and spacious electric cars ...

New leader in Frydenbø Bil

PRESSRELEASE 06.01.2021: Erik Diesen, Executive Vice President of Frydenbø Automotives, resigns after the first quarter. The financier Arne Kjetil Møkster joins as the new leader of the car group.


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