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The nicest swede in the world - with 50 years in Volvo!

198289_New_Volvo_V90_Cross_Country_detailGøran Johansson has worked with the Volvo brand for 50 years, and has been in Frydenbø since the car dealership at Minde opened in 1994. He is the world's most pleasant Swede, and has through the years had multiple positions in the firm.


I am originally from Malmö in Sweden, but my mother is from Bergen. That's how I ended up here. My mother brought her four boys and our dad, and moved to Bergen December 27, 1970. I finished my mechanic education in Malmö and when I came to Bergen I was ready to work. January 18, 1971 I started working for Volvo at 18 years old.

Back in the day, the old Volvo workshop was located in Lyder Sagens gate. Before it became a workshop, it had been the old tram hall to Sporveien, from when they had horses and carriages. When I started there, the floor was so uneven that we could not boards with wheels, because it wouldn't roll. Because of this, we had to make something ourselves, to get underneath the cars.

"The floor was so uneven that we could not use a lying board with wheels, because it wouldn't roll"  

I came from a modern workshop in Sweden, where everything was new and up to date. I remember the first time I walked into the Volvo-workshop in 1971. The wooden gate closed behind me, and wooden splinters hailed to the floor. At that point I thought; "I will not be staying here for long." 50 years later I'm still here! In 1994, Frydenbø came along and we moved locations to Minde. 


Photo: From the Volvo-workshop in Lyder Sagens gate. Gøran Lennart Johansson standing to the left. 

I have held many different positions over the years. Mechanic, a customer service representative, an appraiser and a workshop master. Previously, I have also been the technical manager at Minde. In a normal day, I work with tariffs, new car assembly and preparation of used cars. In other words, a varied working day.

The best thing about working in Frydenbø

Frydenbø is a very good and safe place to work. I have never felt unsafe in my position, even though we have been through rough times. I have had many great years here, and the workplace has been good. I have also had the pleasure to become acquainted with countless good colleagues. I remember when Knut Herman came to visit Minde for the first time, young and promising in 1994. At that time he was very young. We called him the confirmant, Gøran laughs.

Througout the years, I have also had the chance to take part in many nice trips with colleagues. We went to France and saw Norway - Brazil in the World Cup in football. That really was an experience that I will never forget. We also had annual trips to England, back when there was a direct route with boat from Bergen to England. Every year we went to Newcastle to watch ang go to football matches, and to take part in everything else that comes with it. In recent years, an annual trip to Dr. Holm's Hotel in Geilo has been arranged. Employees from all business areas in Frydenbø are gathered. It's a lot of fun, and I go every year!

"We were in France and saw Norway - Brazil in the World Cup in football, it was truly an experience I will never forget"

IMG_0988Photo: From outside the Volvo-workshop in Lyder Sagens gate.


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