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Historic agreement between Frydenbø + AAFK & AAFK Fortuna



Frydenbø Group is the first company to enter into a joint cooperation agreement with AaFK and AaFK Fortuna.

Image: AaFK Fortuna when the advancement to 1st division was ready. Photo: AaFK

Frydenbø Group and Frydenbø Industri Ålesund, located in Skarbøvika,have now become one of AaFK's main partners.

- This commitment means a lot to us. It is important to bring in new partners into AaFK. This sends a signal that we are attractive in the sponsorship market. It is fantastic that a national operator like Frydenbø wants to use AaFK to strengthen their position and build brand awareness. It is also great to collaborate with an operator that thinks strategically in both marketing and sponsorship work and sees the long-term picture," says Sales and Marketing Manager at AaFK, Morten A. Grundstad. 

What is particularly gratifying about this agreement is that it is historic. This is the first agreement with a nationwide company in which both AaFK and AaFK Fortuna are included.

- This is a result of the good cooperation we have with AaFK Fortuna. Frydenbø made it clear from the start that they wanted to join both clubs, so this shows that we are taking a step in the right direction both commercially and market-wise. There is great potential in such joint agreements, so we hope this can be the first of what will hopefully be more similar agreements," says Grundstad. 

- This commitment means very much to AaFK Fortuna. Frydenbø is a large and strong operator in several areas, and there is no doubt that such companies are important contributors to strengthen women's football. It also shows that there is great interest for women's football in business and industry. The standard for women's football has increased in recent years, and there is also an awareness that there should be equal opportunities. We also see that these signals and the awareness is coming from the business community as well, said AaFK Fortuna Marketing and Events Manager Kimy Fagermo.

- Financially, it means a lot to us and we hope this can have a bigger impact in the long term by more companies thinking in the same way as Frydenbø," Fagermo adds.


Image: From the left: Tarjei Aase Omenås (sales and partner manager, AaFK), Morten Alnes Grundstad (sales and marketing manager AaFK), Inga Johansen (administrative manager Frydenbø Industri), Kristoffer Barmen (AaFK), Runar Hay (operations engineer Frydenbø Industri Ålesund), Kimy Fagermo (marketing and event manager AaFK Fortuna), Eirik Hoseth (general manager AaFK Fortuna). 

An easy choice
For Frydenbø Group and Frydenbø Industri, it went without saying that both clubs would team up if they were to enter into a partnership.

- We are aware of our corporate social responsibility as a major business operator and know that we can influence by allocating funds, so it was only natural that our request included AaFK Fortuna. It is also nice to be close to developments in women's football – both quality-wise and commercially, said Silje Ulla-Zahl, Marketing and Communications Director at the Frydenbø Group. 

- We founded Frydenbø Industri in Ålesund ten years ago this year. What better way to celebrate the tenth anniversary of great football experiences throughout the year and support the region's largest provider of such experiences? After a very positive dialogue with both Eirik Hoseth and Morten Alnes Grundstad, the choice was simple. And we are now proud sponsors of both AaFKand AaFKFortuna," she adds. 

Frydenbø Group hopes that this will contribute to increasing the brand awareness of Frydenbø in Sunnmøre.

- It also has a strategic importance for Frydenbø to enter as a partner in AaFK and AaFK Fortuna, as we are committed to building positive associations and a good reputation for our brand at Sunnmøre. This builds pride internally and, not least, it can be an arena for attracting even more talented employees. We have good experience from sponsorships that contribute to this in other regions," Ulla-Zahl said.

- Now we look forward to following AaFK in the elite series and AaFK Fortuna in 1st Division. Not least, we look forward to meeting many exciting Sunnmøre companies in the B2B arena that AaFK facilitates," she adds. 

fotograf Trude Brun Wilhelmsen-4173_pp
Image: Silje Ulla-Zahl, photo: Trude Brun Wilhelmsen

The agreement will last for three years, and the CEO of Frydenbø is also satisfied with the newly concluded cooperation. 

- Frydenbø is long-term in everything we do, and this is also reflected in our cooperations within sports and culture. By being present over time, we can actually make a difference in the environments we enter – and entering Aafk is no exception," said CEO and third generation owner of Frydenbø Group, Knut Herman Gjøvaag.

"We have been present with our services to the coastal industry at Sunnmøre from our own location for ten years now, and look forward to continue doing so," he added.

fotograf Trude Brun Wilhelmsen-4001_pp
Image: Knut Herman Gjøvaag, photo: Trude Brun Wilhelmsen

Frydenbø Industri, Ålesund department:
The company is located centrally in Ålesund's harbour zone at Skarbøvikand, and is a modern service facility for the maritime fishing fleet, merchant ships, offshore installations and the aquaculture industry, as well as land-based industry. The company offers 24/7 emergency response and service teams travelling the world. For projects that require additional specialist expertise, they cooperate with the network within other departments in Frydenbø Industri, in addition to local suppliers in all disciplines.

Frydenbø Industri aims to be a leading player in propulsion solutions in the Green Shift. The department in Ålesund is investing in various in areas, especially in the aquaculture segment. The board of directors has recently approved an investment in drying opportunities for smaller vessels and the establishment of Travellift with capacity up to 80 tons.

Frydenbø Industri har mål om å være en ledende aktør knyttet til fremdriftsløsninger i det grønne skiftet. Det satses ved avdelingen i Ålesund, ikke minst på havbrukssegmentet. Styret har nylig godkjent investering i tørrsettingsmuligheter for mindre fartøy og etablering av Travellift med kapasitet opptil 80 tonn.

Frydenbø Group Facts
Frydenbø Group is a family-owned group consisting of five business areas; automotive, marine, real estate, marine industry and NXT. The Group employs just under 800 people and is headquartered in Bergen. Turnover in 2021 was NOK 3.5 billion kroner. It all started with Frydenbø Industri in 1916, and engine sales and ship services are still a very important part of Frydenbø's core business – not least related to the Green Shift and their proprietary hybrid solution. 

Frydenbø is among Norway's largest car dealership chains, for the Volvo, Polestar, Nissan, Renault, BYD and Maxus brands, as well as used car sales and service. They are the manufacturer of the boat brands Nordkapp and Sting, from their own factory in Poland, and are also distributors of Zodiac. They have been operating in ship services for over 100 years, and are managing and develop commercial property in Western Norway.


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