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Frydenbø signs the FUTURE-PROOF poster

FUTURE-PROOF recently launched its endorsement declaration, the FUTURE-PROOF poster. The purpose of the poster is to gather and highlight operators who want to take the lead in the discussion and cooperation about common challenges. Frydenbø Group ...

20tretti - system innovation and climate goals

The clock is ticking towards 2030, the year both Bergen and Oslo municipalities are aiming to be fossil fuel free. The government is working to fulfil the Paris Agreement together with the EU. Through the 20tretti-events, StartUpLab is bringing ...

Frydenbø Eiendom BREEAM-certifies multiple buildings

BREEAM is a collection of certification schemes and is managed by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) in the United Kingdom. BREEAM-NOR is a Norwegian adaptation, and it is today Norway's oldest and most widely used environmental certification ...

Future Proof - collaborations to reach our goals

Fair Play within business is very important, although it is not always as easy to detect irresponsible and illegal behaviour from suppliers compared to witnessing foul play in a match of football. Because of this, we support positive initiatives and ...

A uniqe hybrid engine solution

In the effort to reduce the Norwegian domestic shipping total emissions, Frydenbø Industri, together with partners, has developed a unique hybrid solution for smaller vessel engines.

Fully electric engine solution with a swivel gear

As a major player within the field of propulsion engines, we can clearly see a great need for the electrification of utility vessels. We have already launched the world's first in-line hybrid propulsion solution, and we have now developed an ...

All of Frydenbøs car dealerships are Eco-lighthouse certified

Eco-lighthouse is a recognised and efficient tool for certification, and for tracking the effects of sustainable management. This is a device meant to help businesses succeed in converting their operations towards a greener path. Eco-lighthouse is ...


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