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Frydenbø signs the FUTURE-PROOF poster

FUTURE-PROOF recently launched its endorsement declaration, the FUTURE-PROOF poster. The purpose of the poster is to gather and highlight operators who want to take the lead in the discussion and cooperation about common challenges. Frydenbø Group ...

Byfjellslauget and Bergens Forest and Tree-planting Company

Have you ever wondered who made the lengthy road of Fjellveien, Fløysvingene or the gravel road all the way to the top of Rundemanen?

All of Frydenbøs car dealerships are Eco-lighthouse certified

Eco-lighthouse is a recognised and efficient tool for certification, and for tracking the effects of sustainable management. This is a device meant to help businesses succeed in converting their operations towards a greener path. Eco-lighthouse is ...


Ola Nordmann


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