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Thank you for a great year of football ❤

Thank you to everyone in and around the clubs for great volunteerism, for having great spirits of service, for the commitment and for the sense of community! Without you, we would not have had all the beautiful football moments we can reminisce from ...

Frydenbø continues the cooperation with IK Start!

Frydenbø has been a proud sponsor of the yellow jerseys in the southern Norwegian club IK Start since 2015. The parties will continue the cooperation and Frydenbø looks forward to continuing the journey as a Gold Partner.

Frydenbø expands its cooperation with Sogndal!

Frydenbø has been a sponsor for the super team in Sogndal since 2015. The newly established Sogndal women's football club is housed under the same roof, and we have now signed a sponsorship agreement with both the women's team and the men's team!

Frydenbø signs the FUTURE-PROOF poster

FUTURE-PROOF recently launched its endorsement declaration, the FUTURE-PROOF poster. The purpose of the poster is to gather and highlight operators who want to take the lead in the discussion and cooperation about common challenges. Frydenbø Group ...

Historic agreement between Frydenbø + AAFK & AAFK Fortuna

PRESS RELEASE 10 MARCH 2022 Frydenbø Group is the first company to enter into a joint cooperation agreement with AaFK and AaFK Fortuna.

Frydenbø extends cooperation with the Norwegian Ski Federation (Alpine) and earmarks funds for Para

PRESS RELEASE, 26 January 2022 The Norwegian Ski Federation and Frydenbø are extending their agreement until the Alpine World Championships in 2025. The new agreement entails a stronger position towards para-alpine and expanded visibility across the ...

Byfjellslauget and Bergens Forest and Tree-planting Company

Have you ever wondered who made the lengthy road of Fjellveien, Fløysvingene or the gravel road all the way to the top of Rundemanen?

Carpool with Branns Pallesen Knudsen, Møller Wolfe, Finne and Horn Myhre

Fredrik Pallesen Knudsen, David Møller Wolfe and Bård Finne shows Bergen city to Felix Horn Myhre, in a gorgeous Volvo XC90 from Frydenbø Bilsenter🚗⚽

Wishes for a magical atmosphere at the Frydenbø grandstand!

The same day Brann meets Stabæk in a fateful settlement, Frydenbø turns 105 years old. On that occasion, the CEO wishes for a magical atmosphere at the Stadium - and, therefore, hands out 1,000 free tickets to the Brann supporters. Go Brann!❤


Ola Nordmann


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