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We need more mechanics!

Amalie Blomgren from Morvik in Bergen has recently passed the trade examination and is finally a certified mechanic. After two years as an apprentice at Frydenbø Bilsenter in Åsane, she is looking forward to taking a step further into the role of ...

Berge & Co - the car adventure in Sogn og Fjordane

Berge & Co has since the founding day of 20 September 1954 been a family-owned group, and with it follows a long history. In the subsequent 70 years, their dealerships have expanded from selling 3 cars in the first year to around 2000 contracts ...

From "sjauer" to slip chairman

Get to know Kjetil Olsen, slip chairman for Frydenbø Industri in Øksfjord. He talks about his everyday work and pleasant memories from a snowmobile trip across Finnmarksvidden with his colleagues.

No days look the same!

Karoline Westlie works in Frydenbø Boats, and is responsible for the logistics of Nordkapp, Sting and Zodiac. In her free time, she likes to go boating, and to enjoy the ocean.

As apprentices, we get to try everything!

Trude Toft (20) from Knarvik is a first-year mechanic apprentice; and started at Frydenbø Bilsenter Åsane in August 2021. She has about a year left of her apprenticeship, and is already well on her way to becoming an auto mechanic!

A happy customer is a good customer

Get to know Christoffer Lovin Bergfald. He is a mechanic and works for Frydenbø Industri in Øksfjord - one of our northernmost locations.

The nicest swede in the world - with 50 years in Volvo!

Gøran Johansson has worked with the Volvo brand for 50 years, and has been in Frydenbø since the car dealership at Minde opened in 1994. He is the world's most pleasant Swede, and has through the years had multiple positions in the firm.

The market wants boats!

Erling Svendsen is a salesman and product manager for the boat brands Sting and Zodiac. Get to know Erling better, who has many years of experience in both the car and boat industry.

People will always be superior to machines

Terje Waagenes talks about his career in the automobile industry and gives his thoughts as to why humans will always be superior to machines.


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