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The nicest swede in the world - with 50 years in Volvo!

Gøran Johansson has worked with the Volvo brand for 50 years, and has been in Frydenbø since the car dealership at Minde opened in 1994. He is the world's most pleasant Swede, and has through the years had multiple positions in the firm.

The market wants boats!

Erling Svendsen is a salesman and product manager for the boat brands Sting and Zodiac. Get to know Erling better, who has many years of experience in both the car and boat industry.

People will always be superior to machines

Terje Waagenes talks about his career in the automobile industry and gives his thoughts as to why humans will always be superior to machines.

The story behind Imove

Imove started as an idea and later developed into an innovation project in Frydenbø Bil: "What can challenge today's dealer model and solve tomorrow's customer needs?" the board asked in 2017. “Mobility as a Service” was the answer.

Frydenbø is a brand I am proud to represent

Hanne Pedersen is a Marketing Coordinator and Contract controller at Frydenbø Eiendom.

The work environment is a source of motivation in itself

Margrethe is the CFO of Frydenbø Industri, at the location Hanøytangen. She has been working in Frydenbø for almost 17 years!

I like to find the best solution for all parties

Eva Fonn Alsaker is the head of HR in Frydenbø Group. She talks about her responsibilities, and how she has experienced getting the opportunity to further develop her career within the firm.

It is motivating to see how good the end result is

Vola Tjervaag is an interior architect and she works at Artec. She mainly works with interiors and floor plans, but she also has some experience in complete buildings.


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