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Great results from our employee experience survey

Our highest valued resource at Frydenbø is our employees. Because of this, we annually conduct employee surveys.

Hanne Pedersen

Hanne Pedersen is a Marketing Coordinator and Contract controller at Frydenbø Eiendom.

Terje Waagenes

Terje Waagenes talks about his career in the automobile industry, and gives thought to why humans will always be superior to machines.

Margrethe Gotteberg Nesse

Margrethe is the CFO of Frydenbø Industri, at location Hanøytangen. She has been working in Frydenbø for almost 17 years!

Eva Fonn Alsaker

Eva Fonn Alsaker is the head of HR in Frydenbø Group. She talks about her responsibilities, and how she has experienced getting the opportuity to further develop her career within the firm. 

Vola Tjervaag

Vola Tjervaag is an interior architect and she works at Artec. She mainly works with interiors and floor plans, but she also has some experience from complete buildings.


Ola Nordmann


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