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Frydenbø is a brand I am proud to represent


Hanne Pedersen is a Marketing Coordinator and Contract controller at Frydenbø Eiendom.

Hanne Pedersen 

Marketing coordinator and contract controller at Frydenbø Eiendom, located at Damsgård. 

My name is Hanne Pedersen and I live at Råtun in Bergen. I have an education background in organisational, personnel and project management from BI and NHH. I work as a marketing coordinator and contract controller for Frydenbø Eiendom, and my department is located at the Frydenbø headquarters at Damsgård.

My days at work are quite varied. Some days my work consists of mostly meetings or attending networking events, while other days mostly revolve around basic office assignments. I often have contact with tenants to follow up on contract-based matters. One project that has been incredibly exciting to work on is the Kilen project. Kilen is a brand new office building which is currently under construction. It has the latest real estate technology solutions, it is BREEAM certified and it also has a number of other sustainable services for our customers. This has been a collaborative project and we are very happy that Kilen is now open. I enjoy working in teams and this is something that we do a lot of in our department.

Bilde Hanne, farger

The best thing about working in Frydenbø is first and foremost the professional work environment. A safe and educational work environment is important to me. I work with people who have high competence in the real estate profession, which is something that motivates and stimulates further development on a daily basis.

Frydenbø is a brand that I am very proud to represent. Being an employee here means that you work for a company that does their best to give back to society and also create jobs.

"Being an employee here means that you work for a company that does their best to give back to society."

Having a sustainable business model and the daring to take the necessary steps to meet the needs of the future is incredibly important. The real estate division has a strong focus on sustainability, and it was, among other things, one of the founders of Proptech Innovation in 2018, which is a cluster collaboration for technological innovation in the real estate industry.


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