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An ambition of a national service business to service zero-emission cars

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PRESS RELEASE 3 November 2021

Frydenbø Bil AS enters as an owner in EV Services AS, and they have ambitions to further develop the business into a national player within electric car services. Through this, Frydenbø is showing their goal to establish a position in the service market for the fast growing zero-emission car share in Norway.

Main photo: Jacob Bøgeskov Pedersen and Kjetil Langsæter, Photo: Frydenbø

Brand independent electric car service

Frydenbø Bil will be the largest owner with about 60% of the shares in EV Services,and they will, through knowledge and capacity, continue to build up the company. The company is based in Bergen, and they will primarily offer brand independent electric car services. This includes everything from ordinary service to troubleshooting and repairs. In addition, efforts are being made to upgrade and repair the expensive main components and battery repairs on all fully-electric car brands.


National ambitions
Through Frydenbø’s own car centres and MyCar Group, Frydenbø Bil is already a large player within the Norwegian service market.

- There is also a major need for this type of services for zero-emission cars outside of Bergen, and our ambitions are clearly to develop the business to become a national service. The market for electric car services is still partially untapped, and we think it will be both a sensible investment as well as a sustainable purchase to buy shares in EV Services AS, which defines themselves as a tech company, says Arne Kjetil Møkster, CEO of Frydenbø Bil.

-The need for competence is slightly different than the traditional service market, which is why it was natural to connect with someone that is exceptionally skilled in the area, Møkster continues.

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Picture: Arne Kjetil Møkster, Photograph: Trude Brun Wilhelmsen

The founders continue the journey

Ev Services was established in 2018 by Jakob Bøgeskov Pedersen and Joar S. Tenfjord. Carl Dolk Fröjd later joined. The owners have all been colleagues previously in Tesla. The founders of the Bergen based company will continue the journey - both in operations and as owners.

- We feel certain that Frydenbø is the right partner in taking us to the next level and commercialising the opportunities that are in the market, says Jacob Pedersen, representative for the founders. He works as Head of Services in Ev Services.

Well known Frydenbø name to join management

Kjetil Langsæter is leaving his role as Polestar Space Manager in Frydenbø High Performance Electric Cars AS and entering as general manager for EV Services. He worked in Frydenbø for 10 years. Amongst other things, he previously took part in the establishment of Tesla in Bergen, and later returned to Frydenbø. In Frydenbø, he has been department manager for Frydenbø Bilutleie AS and Mobelity AS.

- Kjetil has with his engineering degree and background, both from Tesla and Frydenbø, an exciting combination - which fits well into Ev Services! I am very happy that Kjetil has accepted the offer to join in building up and structuring the company, says Møkster.

- We know Kjetil well from earlier and we are certain that he has what it takes to lead the company, Pedersen adds.

The service market of tomorrow

Through Frydenbø’s own car centres and not least through the newly established MyCar Group, Frydenbø is already a major player in the service market. However, they see that the need for competent service providers towards electric/zero-emission cars are increasing in tomorrow’s service market.

- It will be incredibly exciting to lead the process of building the company to become a national player! When you want to grow, it is important to have the best people on the team. I know EV Services well and feel confident that we are well equipped, but we will need even more good people - we want to establish a dialogue with innovative and curious professionals with a mechanical and electrical background. We can promise an exciting and innovative journey. I am also grateful for the trust the management has given to set out on another Frydenbø investment, says Kjetil Langsæter.

- We will not set up large workshops in the traditional form. We will focus on strategically located service hubs and mobile services, Langsæter concludes.


Frydenbø Bil, is Norway’s largest Volvo dealer chain. In addition to Volvo, Frydenbø Bilsenter also distributes the Nissan, Renault, Dacia, BYD and Maxus brands at 8 locations from Sandane in the north to Mandal in the south. Frydenbø is also a Polestar partner as well as a part owner of MyCar Group. Frydenbø Bilsenter had sales of just over NOK 2.3 billion in 2020 and distributed just over 5,000 cars. Frydenbø Bilsenter is industrial in its distribution business and will be the preferred partner for car distribution among importers. Frydenbø Bil is the largest organisation within Frydenbø Group, a family-owned group with five business units; MARINE INDUSTRY, CARS, REAL ESTATE, MARINE AND NXT. The group has a total of 550 employees and sales in 2020 of NOK 3.2 billion. Strategic focus areas: customer travel, teams, profitability and sustainability. Vision: “We will create value through world-class quality and service”.

For questions related to the above-mentioned information, please contact Silje Ulla-Zahl +47 928 35 966, Communications Director of Frydenbø Group, or Arne Kjetil Møkster +47 932 32 818, CEO of Frydenbø Bil.


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